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Plan to scan monuments in 3D hailed

Scotland is using new technology to achieve a cultural first, MSPs have been told.

Culture Secretary Fiona Hyslop revealed it would be the first country to digitally record its collection of national monuments in 3D.

She highlighted the work of the Scottish 10 project, which will see all five of the country's world heritage sites digitally scanned using laser technology to create accurate 3D records.

The project, a joint venture between Historic Scotland and Glasgow School of Art, will also document five international sites, including Mount Rushmore in the United States.

Ms Hyslop said: "We now have a commitment to digitally record the 345 properties in the care of Scottish ministers. Scotland will be the first country in the world to digitally document its national collection of monuments in 3D."

The Culture Secretary told Holyrood that using digital technology to capture historic sites, documents and artefacts "provides tremendous potential not only for increasing access to sites, archives and information, but for capturing the imagination and interest of young and old alike and encouraging more visitors to Scotland".

She added: "By improving the quality of the information accessible online we can encourage more people to benefit from the considerable resources available to them through the internet.

"We really should be enthused about our digital heritage and the capability it has for reaching out and connecting with people, and what it can do to inspire visitors, attract visitors."

Labour's Patricia Ferguson said the work to digitally capture Scotland's heritage was "an important part of the work of recording and making accessible many aspects of our heritage".

This, she said, could improve access to valuable or fragile historic documents, making them "available to read or see by anyone with a broadband connection".

iPhone TV Remote, BlinQ TV Applications $ 10 Cheaper

There are a number of turning your iPhone into a remote application. My problem with them, tend to buy the hardware cost as much as a versatile remote Harmony 650 is programmed to perform a variety of complex stacking devices.
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There are a number of turning your iPhone into a remote application. My problem with them, tend to buy the hardware cost as much as a versatile remote Harmony 650 is programmed to perform a variety of complex stacking devices.

But there are exceptions. The application, called BLinq TV, a small plug-in device to turn the TV remote control mobile phone is relatively inexpensive $ 10. Furthermore, in that allows you to find data for television listings from the perspective of the application may want to look at the show, you, you try to use Twitter and Facebook to communicate with people show Shou.

BLinq not perfect, but being cheap. And establish something like a remote control, take some time, the program remotely. You need the make and model of electronic equipment for signaling functions and to adapt to it. In my case, I am using the method of trial and error to make it work, you can buy a new TV show options menu. Now, it is not bad.

The big question is that the application falls fairly regularly. The update has improved it significantly, further improvements were necessary.

Then monitor the chatter on Twitter about the show you are watching in real time, social sharing features can be left to people on Facebook or watching.

I have tried my best, I still appeal it will not be displayed. Do you have the quality of the writing? Range of people, "I look at the American Chopper" say indicates the clock that you declared, "sister walked into the room just right!" I prevented the enjoyment of the event in the comments laughable If you have, I can go to the movies.

Twitter's search results will be discharged from the book on various topics of similar words. Watching the Twitter stream for American Chopper, because I have known him as an American helicopter, saw a flood of contributions over a downed helicopter in Afghanistan have taken.

In other applications such as YapTV, but provides an opportunity to share their comments during the television discourse will be studied further.

BLinq felt something might be interesting in the way, has a price and it is appropriate.

YouTube shows full-length films

Film fans can now watch full-length movies on the video-sharing website YouTube.

Around 1,000 films are available on the site, which is owned by internet search firm Google, after it signed a deal with studios including Warner Bros and Universal.

Among the available titles are Reservoir Dogs, Monty Python's The Meaning of Life, and Lock, Stock And Two Smoking Barrels.

A spokeswoman for YouTube said: "Today we announced another step in the direction of becoming an entertainment destination for all things video. In addition to the short form, user and professionally produced content that you know and have come to expect from YouTube, full-length feature films have been added to YouTube in the UK."

Films will cost from £2.49, will normally be rented for 30 days, and viewers will typically have 48 hours to finish watching the film once they have started. The scheme was introduced in the United States in May and Canada in September.

Google boss Dr Eric Schmidt told this year's Edinburgh International Television Festival that programme makers should use YouTube to try out shows to see if they will be hits before putting them on television. The firm has faced criticism in the past and has been accused of "trying to take over the world".

Google is locked in a lawsuit with Viacom, which owns MTV, over what Viacom says is "rampant infringement" of copyright on YouTube.

Dr Schmidt said the television industry should use YouTube to test its products. He said: "The stuff you do is very expensive and you do pilots and trials and so on.

"Wouldn't it be better if you could release inexpensive versions on YouTube and see if they took ... let's say you could build something for YouTube for 100,000 dollars, it was 10 minutes long and it was fun and it was interesting and then the cost of the proper production for a half-an-hour show was a million dollars, so something where there is an order of magnitude, or some difference.

"You could have 10 different shots at, if you will, trying an idea, trying a star, trying a construction and then measure what happens on YouTube."

Street Style From the Spring 2013 Couture Shows!

 photos courtesy of Models Jam
The couture shows in Paris this week have provided some killer looks from two totally different schools of style: The crazy couture that floated down the runway unaffected by the weather outside, and then the heavy duty over coats, leather pants and boots that were made for braving the elements. While they may have been in corsets and full skirts just hours before, our favorite models showed off their street clothes with the same sophistication and ease that they do on the runway.  The best street style snaps highlight a model’s individuality and unique style choices. It’s the real deal! So we are so glad our friends at Models Jam were able to catch it all from Cara Delevingne’s sneakers and travel pillow to Martha Hunt’s quilted motorcycle jacket, we love it all!
For the best model street style from the couture shows click through the slideshow below!

See the full slideshow